In quantitative research, the emphasis is on designing an objective survey that will be valid and collecting a reliable sample that will accurately represent the entire population.

We have extensive quantitative research expertise to develop valid and reliable research studies. When appropriate, we utilize a full range of quantitative multivariate analytical techniques and tools.

We have completed quantitative projects with consumers, prospects, employees, executives, and professionals. Our quantitative work is completed in-person at our client locations, retail stores, airports, shopping centers, entertainment venues, via telephone, by mail, or online.

For quantitative research studies we offer:

  • Clarification of scope and objectives
  • Determination of methodology
  • Sample acquisition and design of sampling plans
  • Project management
  • Questionnaire development and testing
  • Programming online surveys
  • Printing, mail fulfillment, shipping, and receiving
  • In-person training, briefing, and debriefing sessions
  • Data collection
  • Data entry and tabulation
  • Translation services
  • Verbatim response analysis and coding
  • Statistical and multi-variant analyses
  • Reports and presentations
  • Action planning