Our experience includes various types of quantitative and qualitative research. We have conducted thousands of in-person intercepts and in-depth interviews at client locations, retail stores, airports, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. We also specialize in executive telephone interviews, focus groups, telephone, mail, and online surveys. Our knowledge and capabilities allow us to select the most appropriate method or mix of methods to best meet your needs.

Some of the studies we have conducted include:

  • Awareness, Attitude & Usage: Assessing familiarity, values, behavior, perception, and/or trends.
  • Brand & Communications: Understanding the perceptions of brands, communications or promotional materials, advertising, and/or perceptions of competitors.
  • Conjoint (MaxDiff / Trade off): Identifying the best mix of features for a product, service, or operation by understanding the relative importance of each attribute.
  • Preference: Determining prospect and user preferences through straight-forward questioning, taste tests, choice selection, appeal, trial, and/or usage.
  • Pricing: Assessing price points of products or services to determine optimum pricing.
  • Product, Operations & Other Evaluations: Identifying possible improvements for concepts, new and current products, services, operations, and/or packaging.
  • Satisfaction & Loyalty: Determining satisfaction and loyalty in order to retain customers, clients, employees, brokers, distributors, and/or other business-to-business clients.
  • Segmentation & Profile: Using multivariate statistical analyses or pre-determined groups to better understand customer characteristics, demographics, current and future behavior, interest levels, and/or psychographics.
  • Tracking Studies: Understanding changes in satisfaction, performance, and/or usage over time in order to identify opportunity areas.
  • Usability: Measuring the ease of using products, websites, content, and/or concepts to improve user experiences and to entice non-users to become more engaged.