One of the best ways to understand your customers’ thoughts and experiences is through qualitative research. Qualitative research probes to understand why behavior occurs, why perceptions exist, and why it matters.

We offer a variety of exploratory approaches to better understand your prospects, customers, clients, associates, and competitors.

We have completed qualitative projects with all types of people, including consumers, employees, Fortune 1,000 executives and professionals, government staff, brokers, distributors, sales people, and healthcare professionals. Our qualitative work is completed via in-depth interviewing, online, in-person at our client locations, retail stores, airports, shopping centers, entertainment venues, or at focus group facilities.

Our qualitative research services include:

  • In-depth interviewing: Thoroughness and patience provide insightful information.
  • One-on-one interviewing: Gaining cooperation, making participants comfortable, and observing their body language are all second nature to us.
  • Conducting mini-groups: Small groups or triads allow us to gain more in-depth information with the benefit of some group dynamics.
  • Focus group moderating: Although the ideal group size is 6 to 8 participants, we have moderated larger groups (12 to 15 individuals) when timing or other extenuating factors or needs exist.
  • Recruiting and scheduling: Persistence and professionalism allow us to successfully recruit even the most difficult people.